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Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Lillian Pitt, a ceramicist and sculptor, was a close friend of Mr.Bartow's. In all of the personal research the creative team of the Bartow Project have done, friends, family members, and colleagues bring up the generosity of spirit that marked their time with Rick. We are also very grateful for the generosity of spirit that Rick Bartow's community has shown us on this journey of learning about him as a human.

Lillian Pitt and Rick Bartow

(Lillian Pitt and Rick Bartow, courtesy of the Rick Bartow papers at Willamette University Special Collections & Archives, Salem, OR)

Others we would like to thank for their time, heart, words, and laughs are: Ronda Kossow-Schultz and her husband Mark, Booker Bartow, Barbara Turril, Karen Murphy, Charles Froelick, Howard Mekemson, Selene Rilatos, Stephanie Milne-Lane, and more...

Also the writer Barry Lopez who has, through his writing, contributed greatly to the team's ability to articulate the complex relationship between the human and his artwork. Rick stated that "Work is Ceremony" and in this way reminds everyone of the sacredness of our efforts when done in a good way. Thank you to everyone who is helping us in known and unknown ways to do the work of creating theatre to connect people in a good way.

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