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Covid Transformations

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

From Artistic Director Zuzka Sabata:

The year 2020 continues to be one of transformative change, a favorite theme of Rick's artwork. My father passed shortly after the New Year, and then Covid19 reached the US a few months later. Since that time, work on The Bartow Project has been a series of restructuring and cancellations, conversations and unexpected changes in directions.

Currently the project is in a deep state of re-envisionment in order to meet the new reality and find the best way to realize the creation of the work and ensure that it is created in a format that is accessible to our community during this time of physical-distancing while preserving the performative and connective core of the project.

I am excited to announce that Wiyot filmmaker Michelle Hernandez has joined this process and will be working with me in the next months to re-envision how we can tell the stories of Rick Bartow's art, life, and reconnection to the Wiyot Tribe.

Michelle's family played a central role in that reconnection, as Rick was welcomed by her father, Wiyot Tribal Chair Ted Hernandez, into their home from the first time Rick visited the Wiyot Reservation at Table Bluff. I look forward to weaving her family stories into this larger vision of introducing Rick Bartow to the Humboldt County community.

Conversation by Rick Bartow

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