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Sunrise Thanks-Giving at Baduwa't

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Dell’Arte International in partnership with the Wiyot Tribe invites the community to a

Sunrise Thanks-Giving Gathering on the Mad River

Thursday November 28th, 2019

6:45am. meet at the MRB parking lot in Blue Lake.

Please join us for a thanks-giving sunrise gathering on the banks of Baduwa’t (Mad River) for an acknowldgement of Wiyot ancestral lands and to give thanks for the tribe’s presence on and stewardship of these lands.

People are welcome to join us on the northwestern floodplain, downriver of the bridge in Blue Lake as early as 6am. Take the downriver levee to the trail on the left that goes down to the floodplain, where you will see a fire burning.

Or, meet Dell’Arte faculty member Elizabeth Colon Nelson at the Mad River Brewery parking lot at 6:45am to walk down together.

Sunrise is at 7:18am.

Please wear warm clothes and bring a flashlight or headlamp if arriving before light.

Post: Thank you to everyone who showed up! Blue Lakers! Wiyot people! Community! Everyone! Though directly inspired by similar gatherings on the west coast to provide a positive, action-based counter-narrative to the myths of Thanksgiving, this particular gathering was also influenced by and created in honor of the ancestors of the Wiyot people who lived along Baduwa't (Mad River), who are also the ancestors of Rick Bartow. Thank you, Bartows!

And thanks to Mark Whitman for providing manzanita for the fire <3

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