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The Dance Film: a new addition

The Bartow Project is pleased to announce that a dance film with a focus on the relationship between Rick Bartow and his 2nd wife Julie Swan, a fellow musician and basket-maker, is about to begin shooting in Humboldt County. This project is led by Directors Michelle Hernandez and Samantha Williams-Gray, with production and script support by Rabee Imtiaz and Zuzka Sabata, and cinematography by Johnathon DeSoto.

This new film has replaced the project led by filmmakers Justin Maxon and Judy Surber who due to unforeseen circumstances were not able to bring their planned film to fruition. The Bartow Project regrets their departure and is very grateful for the work they contributed. We wish them the best in all their artistic endeavors.

Rick Bartow & Julie Swan collage by Chantal Jung

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