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the project is renewed

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

In the spirit of renewal and a world responding to big changes, The Bartow Project has been re-envisioned to create a wider platform for the participation of native artists and in a format that is safe and accessible for our community to enjoy.

With the joining of filmmaker Michelle Hernandez as Co-Artistic Director of the project, she and Zuzka Sabata have proposed the creation of 4 short films, each generated by a unique team of Native artists, Humboldt community members, and people from Rick's artistic community and family. In addition a radio program/podcast will be made as a broadcast companion to the short films. Please see the "about" page of the website for more details regarding project events.

Due to the nature of the pandemic Dell’Arte & the Wiyot Tribe agreed that moving all project work to universally remotely accessible media venues would replace our original proposal of a live performance. The Tribe and Dell'Arte take the health and well-being of their community very seriously. By using online, radio, and television mediums, The Bartow Project will reach far more

community members than a live performance could have in a safe and responsible manner.

We are very excited about these changes and looking forward to the work ahead.

Coyote Song

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